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Why are there conflicting images of God in the Bible?

February 25th, 2015


One of the keys to unlocking the Bible is to understand the concept of “mystery.”


A spiritual “mystery” isn’t something we can figure out. God must tell us what it is. 


Because God makes use of “mystery,” there are things He intentionally hides, truths He purposefully conceals. 

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What does it mean to be a son or daughter of God?

February 18th, 2015


God views sin as a ruthless slave owner.  


We think of sin as a thought, attitude or action that displeases God.  God views sin differently.  He sees it as a power that enslaves us.

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Why does God choose us to be His sons and daughters?

February 11th, 2015


Before the world was created, we were “in God’s mind.”


God’s purposes predate creation.  Before there was a world to live in and a universe to house it, God “predestined us to be adopted as his sons.”  


Why do we need to know this?  Why does God allow us to peer behind the curtain into His pre-creation purposes?

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