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Is the wrath of God a reason to obey Him?

May 23rd, 2015


Our condition is grave. 


Being “dead” in “transgressions and sins,” we lack the will and the strength to resist “the cravings of our sinful nature” and the “ways of this world.”  As a result, we find ourselves in the crosshairs of divine justice; classified as “objects of wrath.”

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Which God is the real God?

April 30th, 2015


The Bible can be confusing.  The God we meet in the Old Testament seems far different from the God we meet in the New Testament.  How can we know which image is more in line with God’s real character? 

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When we pray, what should we ask God for?

April 22nd, 2015


Because God the Father has blessed us with “every spiritual blessing in Christ,” Paul prays that we might come to “know Him better.”  When the eyes of our heart are “enlightened,” thereby enabling us to see the Father’s plan, passion and power more clearly, we grow spiritually.  

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