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What right did Jesus have to change the way the world worships?

July 19th, 2014


The captivities that decimated the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel in the 8th and 6th centuries B.C. triggered a millennium of political unrest and religious conflict.  The creation of competing centers of worship in the north and south fueled intense hostility.  The rift between the southern Jews and the northern Samaritans appeared irreconcilable…until Jesus stepped into the breach.


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Where do we get the power to live Godly lives?

July 9th, 2014


God’s promises empower us to live godly lives…when we place our faith in them. 


When we don’t place our faith in them, God’s promises don’t benefit us.  In fact, when we dismiss or disregard divine promises, misbelieving leads to misbehaving. 

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What is God’s response to sin?

June 25th, 2014


The Samaritan woman set out on the path to contentment with “Mr. Right.”  Five marriages and one live-in boyfriend later, she had become an object of public ridicule and contempt.  To avoid pointing fingers and wagging tongues, she approached the well at midday.  There she met Jesus. 

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